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Plants are the greenest way of improving air quality

Why do we need plants in our workspaces and homes?

“All plants remove toxins from the air, in fact it seems any plant will perform as well as others” according to Professor Margaret Burchett from the University of Technology in Sydney.

It’s all to do with the microbes that live in the potting soil (or other medium) that work incessantly hard to turn the toxins into food for the plant.

Recent studies lead by Burchette have found that plants in 20cm pots and upwards can have a good effect on eating up any ‘nasties’ in the indoor air which are many – often more than outdoors.  Where do the toxins come from?  They’re emitted by many everyday objects from the plastics in our computers and televisions to paint and furnishings.  

The Volatile Organic Compounds released by these materials are all toxic and many are carcinogenic according to Burchett so we are definitely better off cleaning our air of them.  

Introducing indoor plants into workspaces and homes will reduce the Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) to negligible amounts making the air much cleaner for us to breathe.  

“As well, their role in removing CO2 from the air and adding oxygen means that they are the greenest way of improving indoor air quality” says Burchett.

Information supplied by plants for people.

For more information http://www.sciencealert.com.au/news/20131807-24587.html 



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