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So you've booked the car, bike or whatever you are going to arrive in. Your suits are hired and you are looking forward to making an impression on a very important night in your life ... your high school formal.   

What are some tips to help you, a young guy to make a great impression and have a great night?

1. Compliments

A truly sincere compliment will go a long way with any woman.  She will have spent months preparing for this night and looking her most gorgeous, so remember to tell her!

2.  Come bearing gifts

Girls love to be spoilt. It doesn’t have to be expensive, just a small gift for her to enjoy. Chocolates and flowers are favourites, especially if you know which ones she loves.  On this note, it is usually regarded as proper etiquette for the guys to purchase the girls wrist corsage (depending on her dress colour) and deliver when he collects her at the beginning of the night.  Corsages can range from $25 to $50 depending on your choice of flower and the type of wristlet ie bling, pearls, ribbon etc.   If you like, you can wear a flower (called a buttonhole or boutonniere) on your lapel.  The flowers can be matched to your date's corsage.  Buttonholes start at $15.50 depending on your flower choice.  

3.  Be On Time

Start well by arriving early to meet her. It’s a big night, so she will be excited and probably a little nervous. Arriving early will calm her nerves and give you a gentlemanly edge for the evening.

4.  Have a shave and a haircut

Make sure your face matches your sleek suit.  You don’t want your date to look back on her formal photos and wonder why she went with a scruffy guy.

5.  Please wear deodorant

It takes two seconds and makes a world of difference. A touch of cologne will make a great first impression when you pick up your date.

6.  Get the doorEmme2014

It might seem old fashion, but opening the door for your date is a very charming and appreciated gesture. It will also give your date a chance make a lovely entrance into the formal and it will make her feel extra special. 

7.  Pull out her chair

If you are trying to impress your date with a little extra effort, pulling out her chair at the table is a simple way to get her attention.

8.  Give her your attention

The room will be filled with girls dressed to impress, so it’s extra important to keep your attention focused on your date. If nothing else, it will make her feel special.

9.  Dates before mates

It’s fine to mingle separately and chat to everyone, but not for the entire event.  Try to include her in conversations or activities and don’t get carried away with your mates.  

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